The Reunion ~ by Guillaume Musso

Translated from the French whose authors I usually enjoy – like Patrick Modiano or Michel Houellebecq but still,  so much French in this one. There are French names and places and things like food – lots of pop-culture.  It makes it a bit difficult to listen to.  

The Reunion 
By Guillaume Musso
2017 / 
Read by Samuel West and others 8h 3m
Rating:  8, A / literary crime 

Musso has been very popular in France and many other countries for years, but this is his debut novel in English. Why?  Probably because it’s not your usual American thriller.   

Twenty-five years prior the class of 1992 graduated high school and Thomas, Maxime, Fanny and Vinca’s were best friends.  But Vinca disappeared with her philosophy teacher that night and they’ve not been seen since. Meanwhile, during all that time,  the others haven’t spoken. Then comes the invitation and they know they must go back one final time because there’s a body buried in the gymnasium which is being torn down.  

 At the time he and Maxime were his good friends and Fanny was in love with Thomas.  This threesome has not seen each other since the fateful night –  until now, at the reunion.  And now the gymnasium is going to be demolished and unbeknownst to all but a very few people a body is going to turn up.  

The narrative very nicely alternates between Thomas in the present day and in 1992. The writing is great without interfering with the increasing tension which is masterfully built.   The main characters are very skillfully drawn.  

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