Pekoe Most Poison ~ by Laura Childs

Audio book from the library –
Beau was dead even before the paramedics come and the elegantly dressed guests were able to see that.  The husband of the socially prominent hostess, Doreen Briggs,  was apparently poisoned by the tea, of all things . Could that be right?  Had he really been poisoned while at a high society party charity function held for the benefit of Charleston’s public health interests?  

Pekoe Most Poison  
by Laura Childs 
Read by Barbara McCulloh 9h 1m Rating:  C / crime-cozy

Theodocia Browning and her friend and tea sommelier Drayton Conneley are at the party and Doreen talks Drayton into telling Theodocia she would love for them to help with investigation. So they do. The ending was pretty good unless you think about it. No, it’s not the stupidest cozy I’ve ever read – at least I finished this one, but I doubt I’ll be reading any more of Laura Childs’ books.  

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