Intuitive Eating – by Evelyn Tribold & Elyse Resch

I guess I’m late to the party but I’m tired of being overweight and unhappy about it.  I’m not able to exercise much due to age and surgeries. Sad because moving a lot has always worked in the past in some way or another, filing papers in cabinets or dancing or even walking.  And diet doesn’t seem to work very well either – not with my dietary limitations now.  A couple years ago I was into loving   spinach-kale salads and whole grains.  In fact I was thin enough until I turned 50 and then I just added and added.  

Intuitive Eating
by Evelyn Tribold & Elyse Resch
 2020 / 392 pages
Read by Hillary Huber 13h 42m
Rating:  7 / health

But I gave up on diets a long time ago – like when the experts flip-flopped about eggs and when carbs became the bad guy and more recently when fiber became my personal enemy.  Now what?  A diet of eggs and very lean protein? 

So – browsing a few sites, I accidentally came across this book and I looked into it and it sounded like it was worth a try.  Okay – so I tried.  It’s good enough.  I don’t necessarily recommend it unless you’re hooked on diets.  I eat about the amount I want when I want it – I don’t think I really need any training on “intuitive eating.”  But if you think you do this is readable. 

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