An Accidental Death ~ Peter Grainger

Whew!   Starting out with #1 in a series.  (After the last #4 as stand-alone crime book this is a relief.)  And it’s a gentle book – where the last book put the thriller before all else, this one is a twisty procedural without a lot of chase scenes or violence although there is nicely built and developed tension 

An Accidental Death
By Peter Grainger – 2016
Read by Gildart Jackson 6h 52m
Rating: B+ / crime procedural 

DC Smith is back to work at the cop shop after an absence. He should retire but … He gets a new recruit, Chris Waters, who turns out to be the son of an old co-worker who has left to open a surprisingly successful detective agency.  

Together Smith and Waters investigate the case of teenage boy who drowned in the local river.  The cause of death is noted as being a “?” on the autopsy form.  Okay – fine.  A cigarette pack is found – it’s from Bosnia.  A local mansion/estate appears to be occupied, locked up and guarded. What’s going on?  

This is just what I needed to relax with while being entertained.  And it draws you in to the the mystery itself as well as to the characters which is as it should be because this is the first of 8 books so far.  🙂

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