Front Page Fatality ~ by LynDee Walker

I’m going through a lot of sale books lately, but that’s a good way to find new-to-me authors such as LynDee Walker.  First impressions were that not only is the narrative try too hard to be cute and funny, the reader gets overly dramatic and I’m not fond of the Southern accent.  Maybe reading is a different experience because the reviews are good.  

Front Page Fatality
by LynDee Walker
2018 / 254 pgs
read by Therese Plummer – 6h 51m
rating: B / crime thriller

That said – it grew on me and by Chapter 8 I was kind of hooked on this.  I might go through the series which is only 

 I think it’s a good plot.  Nichelle Clarke is a youngish crime reporter for the Richmond Virginia newspaper. She’s been on the job there for 6 years, making a reputation for herself and working her way up.  One Saturday morning she finds that two drug dealers have been discovered dead on the beach and then before long there’s a boat crash where the drivers were both police officers.  Meanwhile the FBI is involved in some way.  And then she finds out there are some stinkers in the cop shop – sticky fingers in the evidence room.  Life gets dangerous for a curious and ambitious journalist. The plot starts out fast and doesn’t let up. 

The rating is lower because the writing style is really just mediocre and there’s too much attempted humor.

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