Down Cemetery Road ~ by Mick Herron

I discovered another Mick Herron book in my digital library – Down Cemetery Road.  This was published prior to the Slough House books and I suppose it shows.  Still the Mick Herron I know and love shines through.  

Down Cemetery Road
by Mick Herron
2003 (1st edition)  
Read by Julia Franklin 13h 46m
Rating:  B / crime-spy

Down Cemetery Road is the first of three books (The Oxford Series) which feature Zoe Boehm, a rather idiosyncratic private detective working out of Oxford, England.  Here Zoe is  avenging the death of her husband and has suddenly inherited the case of Sarah Tucker who hired him to find a missing child.  It’s fast-paced and complex.  I think Herron’s later books are better – it feels like he’s more in control of his plot and style which are different and the humor finds its place.

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