London Rules ~ by Mick Herron

Cool book. – one more time.  This was # 5 in the 7-book series about Jackson Lamb and his crew of misfit espionage agents, slow horses, demoted from the regular MI% service.  I’m reading them all in order as a binge-read which I started about a week ago.  I now have #6 set up to go but better get this off before I forget. (I’m skipping the two novellas which are in some lists and are certainly about MI5 but not really about Slough House as we know and love it.  I might read them later.)  

London Rules 
by Mick Herron 
2018 – 
Read by Gerard Doyle 11h 27m
Rating: A- / crime (spy)

(read and listened)

With Lamb as their rude, racist, sexist, etc leader. the rest of the gang is River, Shirley, Louise, Catherine, Roddy, and JK Coe.  Their supervisors at the main office are corrupt and dangerous. The politcos are awful and the official villains the misfit agents face are the same. Even Lamb can be dangerous and they’re none too safe themselves addicted as they are to various substances and activities – except for River, perhaps, who has a family history in the service.  The main rule of Slough House is “cover your ass.”  (It’s a spin from “Moscow Rules” by Le Carré.) 

This series has been called a farce and so it is in many ways, but Herron is a stunning writer with excellent insight into the psyches of his creations and the books have received the highest critical accolades as well as numerous awards.

I read and listen because the scenes and characters change quickly and I often go to check on the print format and get caught up in it, reading ahead. Then at some point I catch up in the audio and keep going from there.

London spy sites:

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