Real Tigers ~ by Mick Herron

Book #3 in this series and yup, I’m binge-reading!  (Actually, after I called it “binge-worthy” in one of my reading group lists an Audible reviewers said it was good for binge reading.)  I’m hooked on these characters and Herron’s wit. The plots are twisty and detailed while the language and tension are masterful.  There’s something to be said for getting into a series like this years after the first one was published.

Real Tigers 
by Mick Harron
2013 / 443 pages
Read by Michael Healy 10h 53m Rating:  A-  / crime (spy)
#3 in the Slough Horses series
(Both read and listened) 

She’s doing it!! I finished this book, the 3rd in the 7-volume series, and I’m about to pick up on the fourth, Spook Street.

Dead Lions starts off with Catherine, a long time Slough House spy, going missing and eventually found to have been kidnapped. That’s pretty simple, right? It gets hairier and much more complex.

I’m not going to drag out with my own words here (I want to get into my new book which I’m both reading and listening to again) so I’ll just paste the accolades it received.

A Telegraph Best Crime Novel of the Year
Shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel
Shortlisted for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for Best Thriller
A Boston Globe Best Book of 2016

“[Herron’s] cleverly plotted page-turners are driven by dialogue that bristles with one-liners. Much of the humor comes from Herron’s sharp eye for the way bureaucracies, whether corporate or clandestine, function and malfunction. The world of Slough House is closer to The Office than to 007.”
—The Associated Press

“A pulsating spy thriller about a kidnapped fallen spy whose colleagues uncover a plot threatening the future of the security service.” 
—The Daily Express (UK)

“[Herron is the] le Carré of the future . . . The characters are brilliant.” 
—Patrick Neale on BBC’s The Oxford Book Club

“Heroic struggles, less-heroic failures and a shoot-out-cum-heist . . . with no let-up in the page turning throughout.” 

“If you read one spy novel this year, read Real Tigers. Better still, read the whole series.”
—The Spectator

“[Reads] like an episode of Spooks written by Ricky Gervais . . . With his poet’s eye for detail, his comic timing and relish for violence, Herron fills a gap that has been yawning ever since Len Deighton retired.” 
—The Daily Telegraph, ★★★★★

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