The Midnight Literary ~ by Matt Haig

This sounded kind of trite and cliche and an old story with a remake.  Then I saw there were oodles of great reviews listed at Amazon and some listed it as a feel-good book.  Ahhh… I was looking for something just like that. (This isolation is getting depressing sometimes; it’s been over a year now.)  

The Midnight Library 
By Matt Haig
Read by Carey Mulligan 8h 50m
Rating –  8  – general fiction/fantasy


So I got it.  

Oh my it is a very nice book. It’s not going to win many literary prizes although it did get the Goodreads Best Fiction Award for 2020 but feel good fiction rarely does.  The literary quality is not bad, it’s not smarmy or simplistic and as I really got into it and then finished, I realized that it is what it is, a wonderfully imaginative feel good novel.  

Nora Seed is hopelessly depressed – she decides to die.  But instead of actually reaching heaven or hell as a final destination – she goes to a library where one Mrs Elm, her old school librarian, is officiating.  From there, via books, she visits other possible lives and I won’t tell you the ending.  

A couple things you need for reading this is 1. a suspension of disbelief and 2. an open heart.  

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