The Guest List ~ by Lucy Foley

 Well I finished The Guest List (which is either a movie now or on its way to being one), but that took some work and patience on my part.  I suppose my main problem was that it was so predictable until the ending, but the creepiness also disturbed me a bit. 

The Guest List 
by Lucy Foley
2020 / (320 pages)
Read by Jot Davies and cast 10h 22m 
Rating: B- / suspense 

It starts really slowly and doesn’t really pick up speed for a long time – maybe 1/2 to 2/3rds of the book. Due to the non-chronological structure of the narrative some interesting things happen during those pages, so that you know there is something coming up. I expect the reader is supposed to be “getting to know” the major characters during this time, but for a long time none of them really stands out except for their “job title” in the chapter title. Sad to say that none of the characters is particularly likable at all.

At the pre-nuptial party the boys all get drunk and remember the old school days and stew about current relationships. 

The time frames switch around between the day before the wedding and the wedding day, all leading up to whatever is going to happen and then after that.  It’s kind of confusing – if it were a good story it might work but between characters and time frames, this has too many perspectives.   

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