10 Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World ~ by Fareed Zakaria x2

I read this last month for the All-Nonfiction reading group which discussed it this month so I read it again.  It is good but not exactly what I expected but maybe I should have.  

Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World 
by Fareed Zakaria 
2020 / 308 pages, inc notes
Read by author – 7h 24m
Rating – 8.75 / politics and gov’t

Zakaria is a journalist for CNN and a political author who specializes in foreign affairs and  American issues.  He likes talking politics as well as history and economics.  Medicine and technology are not really his fields of expertise although he’s very smart.  

So the book is more about the pandemic in terms of government response, financial markets, experts, and other things.  It’s not about how our lives will change but about how maybe our “systems” should change to meet the felt demand.  

He writes nicely and is generally well organized although he does digress.  I think the title was catchy and worked as an organizing principle so it stuck. But it feels more like 10 general issues connected to the pandemic than a list of things we really can learn.  He’s best in the chapter on how globalization is affected – this is big, imo, but that’s his specialty.  

Anyway – as usual I got more out of a second reading.  🙂 It’s a good book but don’t expect real answers.  

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