An Equal Justice ~ by Chad Zunker

David Adams, up from poverty and newly graduated from law school, has found a position working in a pricy and very high-pressure law firm.  He works harder than he should and is rewarded.  But before long a couple people are suddenly dead  – another lawyer is dead by hanging and a street person David has got involved with is dead by gunshot.  There are definite thriller elements to the tale.  

An Equal Justice 
by Chad Zunker 
2020 / (222 pages paperback)
Read by Christopher Grant –  6h 40m Rating – B+ / suspense thriller
 #1 in David Adams series 

The book has an interesting set-up and the idea is well developed.  Oddly perhaps, but not necessarily, there are quite a lot of religious aspects to the “good” characters.  The author has it set up for making an interesting series – nothing hot like Michael Connelly probably but entertaining. 

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