True Intent ~ by Michael Stagg

So I started off the New Year in 2021 with a book released in 2020 by a relatively new-to-me author.  This feels right. True Intent is by the same author as Lethal Defense,  Michael Stagg.  They’re books #1 and 2 in the Nate Shepherd series. These are legal thrillers – my favorite sub-genre. Sad to say these are the only ones of the series available so far on Audible.   

True Intent
by Michael Sears
2020 /
read by George Newbern 9h 34m
rating: A / legal mystery


Nate Shepherd is an attorney working out of a medium sized Ohio town not too far from the Michigan border.  He gets involved in the case of a single professional woman who is charged with murdering a very rich widowed man – a billionaire due to big forest operations.  He has children who might want him dead but his date for the evening of his death might have had problems with his forestry interests.

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