Dachshund Through the Snow ~ by David Rosenfelt

This is book #20 in the Andy Carpenter series and it follows one of my less favorite things that long running series get into. The authors seem to run short of local crimes for their protagonists to investigate and so the appearance of world-wide criminal activity comes into play in some way.  By the end of the book it’s not at all bothersome.  The second, less important, is the repetition of plot lines – and again, that’s only a small part of the whole. 

Dachshund Through the Snow
by David Rosenfelt
Read by Grover Gardner 6h 42m
Rating: A- / legal thriller 

Fwiw,  there’s some, maybe enough,  but not much of Christmasy interest in the book.  So between those two things there’s a small reduction in the rating because overall, by the ending, I definitely enjoyed myself. 

In Dachshund Through the Snow we have a relatively young man accused of killing an old girlfriend.  This is seemingly out of the blue and after 14 years – it had been a cold case and the young man was a teenager at the time of the killing.   So
the odds are stacked against Andy’s being able to solve this one for that reason alone but also because it involves DNA – again.  But what and why and how did an international mobster get involved?  

Quire by accident, Andy’s wife finds the young man and wants them to do what they can with what they can find, but things look very bad.  And the bodies pile up.  
As usual the best parts of the book, for me, are the trial procedures and shenanigans but the chase scenes were quite fun.   

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3 Responses to Dachshund Through the Snow ~ by David Rosenfelt

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    What does the Dachshund have to do with it? (I love dachshunds).


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