The Christmas Night Murder – by Lee Harris

I read this in honor of Christmas and a very cheap offer from Audible – free with Audible Plus! And judging from the blurbs and sample, it sounded good. It’s an old book but it was brought back by Audible. I found it a bit disappointing in some ways but I stayed with it and enjoyed myself.

The Christmas Night Murder
by Lee Harris – orig 1993
Read by Susan O’Malley – 6h 49m
Rating: B- / cozy murder mystery

I was looking for some kind of cozy mystery and it certainly is that. Maybe a wee bit cozier than I’m used to but. It’s book #3 in Harris’ Christine Bennett series.  Christine is an ex-nun who marries a cop.  Together they solve crimes. 

In this case the pair goes back to visit the nuns at her old convent. There have been a few changes over the years but it hasn’t been that long.  The problem is that the old Father who moved to Colorado hasn’t showed up yet. As time goes by the small group realizes he’s not going to show up – he’s missing.  Christine starts looking for him but the police aren’t very interested and then someone turns up dead.  Much of the plot involves the long ago suicide of a student at the school. Was it suicide or not? She had other problems.  

The book was interesting but I doubt I’ll read more of this series – unless something reminds me.  The narrator was usually okay but after awhile she sounded canned, like she was just reading off a script.  In looking back I see I’ve read one other of this series – the Thanksgiving Day murder – same narrator, too.   

I am however kind of interested in reading another book in the Gaslight Murders, a series of cozy mysteries which take place in 19th century New York. These are by Victoria Thompson.  

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