Moonflower Murders ~ by Tony Horowitz

This is a puzzler along the lines of the old Agatha Christie with added post-modern touches- or at least contemporary techniques – mixing levels of fictionality.  The story picks up several years after Magpie Murders leaves off with Alan Conway, the author of a famous murder mystery,  dead without revealing the ending of his novel.  

Moonflower Murders
by Tony Horowitz / 2020 
Read by Lesley Manville & Allan Corduner: 18h 28m
Rating:  A / literary who done it
Book 2 of Magpie Murders

His publisher and the protagonist of both novels is Susan Ryeland who has retired to run a hotel on Crete with her boyfriend, but now needs money.  So she accepts a job offer of helping a couple (also hotel owners) find their daughter who has disappeared after her sister’s wedding. She knows them because of the book Conway wrote – the daughter who has run off might have known who the murderer was.  

So it gets tangled and in the middle of the book, taking up several chapters,  is the text of Conway’s book which started it all based on the real wedding day murder of years prior.  There are a lot of characters, a lot of relationships, a lot of motives and it gets dangerous for Ryeland.   

If you enjoy well written and tangled who-done-its this book is for you but be sure to read Magpie Murders first.  

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