Squeeze Me ~ by Carl Hiaasen 

Squeeze Me
By Carl Hiaasen 
2020 / 
Read by Scott Brick – 11h 9m
Rating: B / comic crime 

Kiki Pew Fitzsimmons, age about 72 and very rich,  may have been dead prior to her encounter with the python.  And her friends, the local Trump neighbors down there in Florida,  freak at the thought of some rabid illegal person killing her and disposing of the body in some way –  Trump uses that thought to his own advantage.  

Meanwhile Melania is having an affair with one of her guards.  And the “Potussies,” some old ladies in Palm Beach who love “the Mastadon” – (aka Trump) are aghast.   They can’t find their friend’s body! LOL.  But never fear, Angie Armstrong is on the case –  and there are some very dirty characters hanging around there, too.   Have you ever read anything by Carl Hiaasen?  They’re very funny books if you can stand the stupid.  

But it did the trick – it got me diverted from current events and covid. Kudos.

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