The Law of Innocence ~ Michael Connelly

I’ve read a lot of legal crime, both courtroom dramas and legal thrillers, but I’ve never come across a novel in which the main character defends himself on a murder charge. This was fascinating.  Mickey Haller, an LA-based defense attorney, is arrested on murder charges after a dead man is found in his car trunk. He decides to represent himself because he feels some investigation is in order and other lawyers wouldn’t see to it properly.  

The Law of Innocence 
By Michael Connelly 2020 
Read by Peter Giles 12h 27m
Rating:  A+++ / legal thriller 
(Micky Haller series #6)

Haller now (book in book 6) has his own practice with his own staff and he also has two ex-wives an ex-girlfriend and a daughter.  Also, he’s the half-brother of Harry Bosch,  Connelly’s main lead character, a detective,  of another series. 

The narrative is tight, the story compelling and the tension builds fast but naturally.  The main characters are as well drawn as a professional could write. 

There’s nothing particularly literary in this book although it’s nicely written.  I love a good legal thriller and Connelly is one of the best for his continuing characters, his plot twists and masterful tension building. 

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