Sweet Taste of Liberty ~ by W. Caleb McDaniel

My first thought upon reading the opening pages of this incredible book: Huh?  It won the Pulitzer Prize because of the increased attention given Blacks  since the death of George Floyd in May.  WRONG-O.  The Pulitzers were awarded and announced prior to Floyd’s horrendous death and the ensuing increase in Black Lives Matter activity.  Good show! 

Sweet Taste of Liberty: A True Story of Slavery and Restitution in America
By W. Caleb McDaniel
2019 / 340 pages 
Read by Paul Heitsch 9h 51m Rating: 10 / US slave history 
(Both read and listened) 

My second thought: I feel like I’m reading a young adult narrative history.  –  WRONG AGAIN!  This is a masterfully researched tome written to give maximum clarity to the complex subject and issues involved.  The Notes bear this out,  the maps and photos are wonderful additions to the book. 

Third thought:  The Pulitzer for history has done it again!   Yay!  

The story itself is so complex that the apparent “simplicity” of the first pages of narrative is deceiving.  This is not an easy-read history.  It recreates the era in ways I never imagined.  McDaniel has thoroughly sourced his material and lets us know how he found and chose his material and he has put much of it on the web, fwiw.




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