A Time For Mercy ~ by John Grisham

This is the third in Grisham’s old Jake Brigance series.  It was preceded by “A Time to Kill” (2011)  and “A Time for Justice” (2013).   Now comes “A Time for Mercy.”  Jake is a lawyer in the small, fictional Mississippi town Grisham is known for, Clanton.   Grisham is also known for being seriously anti-death penalty.  

A Time for Mercy
by John Grisham – 2020
Read by Michael Beck – 19h 59m
Rating:  A+ / legal crime 

Josie Gamble and her two children, 16-year old Drew and 14-year old Kiera, are living with Stuart Kofer, a really despicable human being who happens to be a cop, a drunk and abusive cop.  One night he comes home drunk and beats Josie almost to death. This night the children were upstairs and heard it. Thinking Kofer had killed his mother, the 16-year old boy, shot Kofer and called 911. 

Now what?  The local sheriff is Ozzie Walls (from A Time to Kill), a black man who is very popular in most circles.  And Jake Brigance gets the case.  

Grisham takes his time.  His firm has another case they’re working and it involves a great deal of money.  He develops characters and their interactions from various 3rd person scenarios.  The plot twists and turns and tugs the heart.  The end result is a 465 page (or 20-hour) treat for those seeking immersion.   It’s not usually page-turning but the trials and the last 100 pages are the stuff midnight oil was invented for.   If you’re a fan – enjoy! 

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