Summer – by Ali Smith

Oh wow – there was more in this book than I could really get a grip on in one reading but yes, I did read it all the way through. There was some material and characters from the earlier books in the quartet so it’s a series in more than name.

by Ali Smith
2020 / 393 pages
read by Juliette Burton 9h 27m
rating – 8+ / literary fiction

And there were the old themes of time and art and relationships as well as change of course but also interspersed here, again, is politics starting with Brexit and ending with the pandemic of the coronavirus. I wonder how it would have been to read them out of order. I suppose it might be okay. I think the Nazi angle was new.

I’ll be reading this again for sure so I’ll wait with a better review until I’m more connected with more of the connections in the book. I know I enjoyed spending time with these people and their ideas although they weren’t as fully drawn as in some of Smith’s prior works.

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