Thicker Than Water – by Tyler Schultz

Thicker Than Water
by Tyler Schultz
2020 / Audible only
read/told by author
rating 8/ memoir – (podcast

This is not a “book” as such, but more of a pod-cast produced and sold by Audible. And what I really hearing about was Tyler Schultz’s side to the story which Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou told in his prize-winning book, “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in Silicon Valley.” This one was free to members at Audible and I loved it -most likely becuase I’d read the Carreyou book. See my old review from December, 2018 here it’s a reveiw on this site (It got a rating of 9.5 for True Crime, but it’s not a murder.)

Carreyou’s book dealt with the very early rise and corruption of young (then) Elizabeth Holmes who founded a medical/techie firm called Theranos which was supposed to have a method to test one tiny sample of blood for many many things. She sold this idea and her start-up to a lot of big money and big name powerful people like Henry Kissinger and George Schultz (among many others).

But it was a sham and Tyler shows in exactly what ways because after graduating Stanford, he worked at Theranos and saw it and served as whistle blower, the source for Carreyous book. For this he was put in harms way many times. He and his family (including George Schultz, former government official) had a very difficult time of it for several years.

This is Tyler’s story and to get the most out of it I recommend you read Bad Blood first because that’s the story behind Thicker than Water.

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