Blue Lightning ~ by Ann Cleeves

Blue Lightning
by Ann Cleeves
2010 / 380 pages
read by Gordon Griffin 10h 32m
rating – B+ / mystery
(Shetland Island series #4)

It seems I’m still suffering from Corona-brain and unable to focus real well – and there have been other things in the current events class too – my god. So I’m trying to read mysteries and crime to get my mind focused but then alternating those with nonfiction because I really enjoy a good history book or current events. (Right now though I have to fight to get away from current events.)

So this book is #4 in the Shetland Island Jimmy Perez series by Ann Cleeves and I’ve been following them since book 1, Raven Black, which I read with a group several years ago,

This time Jimmy takes his fiancé to a small local island where his parents live, but while they are there a murder occurs. And then another one. The characters are warm and homey but danger lurks as the reader tries to arrange the clues. It’s a slow paced mystery with the daily doings of the village and its people being examined as well as direct motives.

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