Nothing More Dangerous ~by Allen Eskins

Nothing More Dangerous
by Allen Eskens
2019 / 305 pages
read by Kevin Stilllwell 10h 27m
rating: A / fiction

I think I’ve read all of Eskens’ books now – there are four so far. I’ve enjoyed them all. This one is not part of a series, but is almost a fictionalized memoir – not quite. It’s more of mystery/crime novel and that a”s where I’d put it.

Boady Sanden is a 15-year old freshman in high school when the story opens, his father died years prior so he and his mom live together in a small house in a small town in rural Missouri. It’s 1975. One day the Elgens, a black family from Minnesota, move into the big empty house across the street. Mr Elgen is supposed to take charge of a certain business This doesn’t sit well with some people in town who have secrets they’d just as soon stay secret. And the story evolves.

Eskens is good – he writes good solid stories with nicely drawn characters and some action thown in.

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