Fair Warning ~ by Michael Connelly

Fair Warning
By Michael Connelly
2020 /  (416 pages)
read by Peter Giles 10h 26m
rating –  A / crime thriller
# 3 in Jack McEnvoy series

I read the first two books in this series (of 3 now) but only remembered only that Jack McEnvoy was the lead reporter and pretty depressed in The Poet and The Scarecrow and it’s been a long long time since I read them, Then, here in 2020, comes the third book in the series. . Okay –   

One night Jack is coming home from work as reporter for a news organization with an active  website when he is approached by two cops and questioned about the murder of a local woman.  The cops seem to think Jack did it but Jack knows he didn’t but his interest is piqued and off he goes, investigating.  It turns out there’s a serial murderer on the loose and his MO is very unusual. 

There’s no “mystery” here – it’s just a matter of catching the bad guy so I’ve simply used the term “crime thriller” as the genre except that the procedure is a mix of reporter and detective with lots of new-to-me technical improvements.. The only thing was that sometimes my suspension of disbelief was stretched a bit thin.  Good book if you can stand some gritty stuff.   

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