Dead Weight – by Rosemary Reeve

Dead Weight
by Rosemary Reeves
2018 / 292 pages
read by Noah DeBlase  10h 8m
rating – A   / mystery 

 This story starts out with a twist – Jack Hart is working for an insurance company which is trying not to pay a claim because it looks like the death was suicide.  Jack really doesn’t want this to be suicide but it sure seems like it was, until another body shows up.  Then he and his fiancé -business partner Harmony Piper, along with their cop friend simply investigate where the clues lead them. And the path is wide-ranging from bad business practices and embezzling to child abuse and murder. It’s’ tangled.  

Meanwhile the pressure is on Harmony whose father is in deep trouble in both Japan and the US for his dirty business practices. 

I’ve read all four of the Jack Hart mysteries now and I think this might be the best although this is also the most gritty.  They’re best read in order. I hope there will be more, but Reeve wrote these in the 1990s one chapter a week and mailed them to her mother for her own private reading. They weren’t published until 2018.  So I really don’t think there will be any more. Too bad.  

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