Art and Fear: ~ by David Boyles and Ted Orland (x2)

Art and Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking
by David Boyles and Ted Orland
2014 / 125 pages
read by Arthur Morey- 3h 8m

rating: 8 / nonfiction- Artmaking
(both read and listened) 

This was a second reading (1st reading review here) and there was a huge difference in my appreciation. The first time I got very little out of it – I tried to apply it to my own work, my own life and, not being an artist except possibly in a philosophical sense,  I got very little out of it.  Part 2 was pretty good.  

But this second time I accepted that the book was intended for real artists in the real world and that it held some very good advice for them. I think reading it helped me to understand the life of an artist much better, the fears especially. 

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