The Best Friend ~ by Adam Mitzner

The Best Friend
by Adam Mitzner
read by Chris Andrew Ciulla , Kate Udall 8h 58m
rating – B / legal crime


I decided to take a break from the 3 (I think) heavier books I’ve been reading because this coronavirus makes me tired and not quite able to focus like I used to. So I take breaks while reading The. Mirror and the Light (Mantel) or The Gates of Europe (Plokhy) and A Strangeness in My Mind (Pamuk). The Best Friend was to give me one such break.

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read to date by Mitzner so I took a stab at another one. It was good, nothing special except that the plot was a bit extra convoluted. It was a good fun read in a favorite genre. I’ll do another by Mitzner after a bit.

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