Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet ~ by Bart Ehrman

Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium
by Bart Ehrman
1999/ 276 pages
read by Tom Parks – 12h 40m
rating – 8.5 / Bible history
(read and listened)

This is one of Ehrman’s earielset works and I think it kind of shows – not that this is a bad thing but he tries to put so much into it.

That said,  I kind of knew the generalities of things- I’ve probably read 3 or 4 of his later ebooks plus works by other scholars.  There were just more details here.  There was one place I thought Ehrman was being “difficult” in that although the Gospels are titled “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,”  that’s NOT who wrote them and Ehrman darned well knows it.  But there’s one chapter where he seemingly deliberately confuses the issue.  

There are several ways in which it’s different from other books he wrote – in later books he tends to examine one aspect of New Testament scholarship at a time with a particular focus in each book. So sometimes the same material comes up in different books.

I see there are two new books which I know I haven’t read. This book gives me a nudge that way.

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