Acts of Omission ~ by James S. Bostick

This started slow but at about 1/3 through it  picked up.   It’s different to read a crime novel with no murder victim in it and only one “thriller” type episode.  


Acts of Omission
by James S. Bostick
2019 /
read by Roger Wayne 14h 29m
rating A-  / legal crime

The main crime is medical negligence and liability along with some fraud by the insurance company, but the twist is that the victim’s prior lawyer is very powerful and guilty of malpractice.   The book is interesting and,  no spoiler, the bad guy, an attorney,  is really bad.  This legal novel is truly full of legal matters.   

 On the down side the characters are a bit flat and the plot is somewhat predictable at times.  And the book is long but on the up side the tension is masterfully built so the longness isn’t usually a problem although during the final court sessions um ….   

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