A Very Stable Genius ~ by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig

A Very Stable Genius
by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig
2020 / 466 pgs
read by Hilary Huber and authors – 17h 22m
rating – 9.5 / current events
(both read and listened)

I hesitated for several weeks before buying this book/recording.  After the hearings I thought I’d had enough of #45 for awhile and I thought the reviews of this one left something to be desired. But it stayed on my Wish List and after awhile I reread the reviews and re-listened to the sample and thought some more.  Okay -fine – I caved. I’m glad I did.

What did I find?  It’s much better than I was afraid of . Yes, it is a rehash of a lot of information  found elsewhere but it’s all in one place and arranged as chronologically as reasonably possible without becoming choppy or difficult to follow.  There are a few things which seem to get lost in the shuffle but it’s minor.  

The time frame is from Trump;s election to the release of the Mueller report.  

I am so glad I read this.  Now that the impeachment and trial by Senate are over all the problems Trump has created seem like so much water washed under the bridge.  

It criticizes Mueller too,  only a few people escape criticism.  

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