Wolf Pack ~ by C. J. Box

Wolf Pack
By C. J. Box
2019 /
read by David Chandler 8h 51m
rating – B+ / crime series (book #19) 

Not my favorite series but one that always satisfies.  This book is mostly about as good as any of the 18 which precede it (not that I’ve read them all!)  There is more violence here though – lots of guns and bodies. 

The main characters are nicely developed but the ones which are specific to this book only are rather flat.  The plot is somewhat original , complex and. engaging.  A drone has been harassing the critters and when Pickett gives him a warning,  the FBI gets involved.  Huh?  

The setting is Wyoming which means plain,  and the characters match that. –  The book is quite violent – more than usual .

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