Bruno, Chief of Police ~ by Martin Walker

Bruno, Chief of Police
by Martin Walker
read by Robert Ian MacKenzie  8h 18m
rating: B / Crime

This is pretty good for a series starter focusing on the protagonist with plenty of background to get you involved for the long run.

Bruno is a very peaceful and likable guy for a police chief but he lives and works in a charming village in south central France where the main con-cerns are agriculture ad tourism. He’s also single and good looking which invites the interests of women. And he has a rather mysterious past which is revealed to the reader without losing it’s flavor.

In this story an older local man is found killed but the bad part is that a Nazi symbol is carved on his chest. Another interesting thing about this man is that he’s an Arab veteran, one of the few in the area. The Arabs, especially Algerian, have a long history here.

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