A Bitter Feast ~ by Deborah Crombie

I’ve seen Crombie’s name around the mystery shelves but never read one of her books. If the one I tried is a good example, and from the Audible site’s reviews I have good reason to think it is, I’ll likely try another.

A Bitter Feast
by Deborah Crombie
2019 /
read by Gerald Doyle 10h 42m
rating B / mystery

She’s mostly known for a series which features Duncan Kincaid a superintendent in Scotland Yard and his partner/ Detective Inspector wife, Jemma James.

These are traditional mysteries with professionals in charge but although the main characters are in law enforcement the thrust is not a procedural. They’re who-done-it stores along the lines the Hercule Poirot books by Agatha Christie or Louise Penny’s Three Pines series.

The setting is the London area and Gerard Doyle does a lovely job with the accent (for my California ears). In A Bitter Feast the action takes place in the upscale Cotswalds, Northeast of London.

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