Midnight Sun ~ by James Dommek Jr.

This is an “Audible Original” and I’m not too crazy about them in general, but once in awhile a selection comes along which really works. Midnight Sun is in the True Crime genre and that piques my interest. The story line is interesting and the main narrator is quite good.

Midnight Sun
by James Dommek Jr.
read by James Dommek Jr – 3h 23m
Rating: B+ / Short True Crime

In 2014 Teddy Kyle Smith, an up-and-coming actor from an Inupiaq tribe in north western Alaska, came home from a film festival, shot his mother, and then took off into the wilderness where he shot two hunters.

His defense included the appearance of Iñukuns, a secretive and ancient local tribe. Actually, it sounds like some form of mental illness, but Teddy refuses to use insanity as his defense. His story was that he was impacted by Iñukuns.

The whole thing could have been planned and staged by Teddy. His story could have been entirely made up without difficulty and lying to the police and the courts might be like second nature.

In the end Dommek makes a good point about Smith not getting a jury of his peers because there were no Inupiaq people on the jury and an appeal on those grounds didn’t work.

Bottom line, it was interesting, moderately well done and worth listening to.

Midnight Sun
by  James Dommek Jr. Josephine Holtzman, Isaac Kestenbaum
read by James Dommek – 3h 23m
rating B+ / true crime

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