The Dutch House ~ Ann Patchett

This was such a cool book to read right now. I was so hesitant about it because it seemed so hyped and that often doesn’t work so well for me. But a couple of friends recommended it and I took a chance and the book really was enchanting, compelling, like the fairy tale its been compared to.

The Dutch House
by Ann Patchett
2019 / 352 pages
read by Tom Hanks 9h 53m
rating: 9.25

Two children, Maeve and Danny Conroy, end up with a wicked step-mother when their rich father remarries after the children’s mother leaves them. That was back in the 1950s and the tale follows the two as they are kicked out of their home, a huge old mansion, to make room for the stepmother’s children and Dad says nothing.

There are plenty of twists in a nicely done plot but the really good part is how well the major characters are drawn. Reading groups will love discussing the motives of each one. And then there will likely be the old perennial “Is the house a character?” as well as “What are the various symbols used in the book?”

This may very well go on my list of best books of fiction this year.

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