Likewar ~ by P.W. Singer / Emerson T. Brooking

This book was on my wish list before it went on a very nice sale a few weeks ago and I jumped on it. It got multiple awards and rave reviews such as:
“A compelling read… LikeWar…is not a warning about tomorrow’s war — it’s a map for those who don’t understand how the battlefield has already changed”—Washington Post.

Likewar: The Weaponization of Social Media
By P.W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking
2018/ 421 pages
read by George Guidall – 11h 21m
Rating: 9.25
(both read and listened)

The book is crammed with a LOT of information dealing with all matters internet, from ISIS to Russian Trolls and the Ukraine, but the emphasis is political leading and how it’s like war – at this point parts of the internet are actually engaged and an additional weapon of war via all manner of internet activities from Facebook and Twitter to the dark web. What China is doing is also briefly covered.

One interesting thing is that there are 100 pages of notes which, for the most part, include hyper-links to online sources. Because the book was just released in 2018 most of them are probably still available.

The book could likely have used a different narrator but Guidall did okay.

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