The Substitution Order ~ by Martin Clark (A)

I am so ready for a legal thriller and this book had been on my radar for a couple months. The preview sounded good and I took a chance.

It starts out suspenseful, very suspenseful. After chapter 1 nothing was safe for Kevin Moore, an ex-lawyer who is on probation and separated from his wife because he made some important life errors. He’s now recovering from cocaine addiction and working as the manager for a sandwich shop in addition to living at a friend’s house and showing up for the mandatory urine testing.

The Substitution Order

by Martin Clark
2019/ 352 pages
read by David Aaron Baker
rating – A / legal thriller

I was hooked from the first pages and it kept me up – a page-turner – until it didn’t. Somewhere, imo, the tension slacked off.

The thing is that someone has picked up on his predicament with the law and is using it for his own benefit.

He’s visited by a guy who wants him to work on some big insurance fraud scam and there’s a threat behind his words. Kevin refuses. Later he’s busted for breaking his probation and it’s serious as well as a set-up. Trouble seems to follow Kevin and the reader wonders what is going on.

But he’s a bright boy and an excellent attorney. He’ll find a way.

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