A Matter of Will ~ by

I’ve read Mitzner’s legal thrillers before and very much enjoyed them so I pretty much snapped this up.

Will Matthews seems to be less than the up-and-coming young financial broker he dreamed of until one day he meets Sam Abbadon, the man who will make his dream career come true. The next day he meets the woman, Gwen Lipton, who seems to be the one to light up his life. Gwen is a financial lawyer and has just been given the case which will make her name.

A Matter of Will
by Adam Mitzner
2019 / 304 pages
read by Will Damron 8h 18m
rating: A+ / legal crime

Primarily we follow the lives of Will and Gwen as they deal with Sam and Eve, Will’s girlfriend, and get caught up in their disturbingly different world. The book starts out suspenseful with a big hint of dangerous and Mitzner skillfully builds that into a real page-turning oil-burner.

Before you know it, Will is involved in million dollar deals for Sam and very nice bonuses at his brokerage. So Sam and the brokerage both have hooks in him. Then Will witnesses first-hand a criminal act of the most violent kind.

Meanwhile, Gwen is getting deeper into a case she’s been fortuitously assigned which involves the murder of the wife of a famous movie star. The star was arrested but Gwen believes and is given assurance that he is innocent.

As I said, the tension starts out on low, but steadily ramps up to high in a plot which becomes nicely twisted. The characters are relatively believable although nothing special there. It’s a fun book.

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