The Man on the Mountaintop ~ by Susan Trott

I wasn’t impressed, but the book was cheap and marginally interesting. I consider myself to be fairly spiritual of a kind of Jewish/Buddhist/Christian variety (if pushed to make that distinction) and this is some kind of easy-read fluff of it.

It’s a collection of stories about an old wise man who goes by the title the “Holy Man,” but whose name is Joe. Joe lives with several of his followers in a small compound in the mountains where pilgrims come to see him. They line up for days and days waiting to either tell them their problems or just see him.

The Man on the Mountaintop
by Susan Trott
2011 – 5h 45m
read by a cast
rating – 3
(Audible Original)

There’s not much to the book – the stories of the pilgrims and the interactions of a few of his closest followers. There is a kind of story arc but the characters are flat The point of the book, the ideas involved, are simplistic although maybe amusing at times. Basically I was bored for most of it but I did finish.

I’ve listened to a few of these “Audible Originals” now and they’re just not to my taste. I really prefer a straight book reading. The “Originals” have a cast of readers plus unnecessary sound effects . No thanks.

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