The Gentleman’s Hour ~ by Don Winslow

I read quite a few of Winslow’s beach/crime books years ago and usually enjoyed them, but stopped for some reason- like there are so many books out there. But then read I his book, Cartel and got enthusiastic again. Come to find out he’s also written a block-buster called The Power of the Dog which was the precursor to The Cartel. Okay fine – I read an loved that. So then came The Border – third of that series.

Then I started thinking I’d like to try another of Winslow’s old beach detective things and a few weeks ago I found The Gentleman’s Hour on sale at Audible so I snapped it up and now, between books and not quite satisfied with what I see new on the market, I read it.

The Gentleman’s Hour
by Don Winslow
2010 / 322 pages
read by Ray Porter – 9h 37m
rating: B / crime – private detective

That’s what I do – I mostly read pretty current new releases and jump from literary fiction and crime to non- fiction. But sometimes I get bogged down with the selections and my wish list and nothing suits me. That’s when I go for my stash of sale books.

It works for me. I have a small stash of sale books – maybe a dozen at the moment – which can serve as reading material if I find myself stuck. It’s my TBR (To Be Read) pile.

Otoh, I may go back to rereading old favorites because older books don’t always hit the mark for me at all.

Here we go – the Dawn Patrol is a group of surfers, 4 men and a woman, who are mostly otherwise employed but have surfed the Pacific Beach north of San Diego together every morning for years.

Boone Daniels is one of the surfers, a cop turned private detective in his daily-grind life and loves surfing as much as he loves his weird surfing buddies but when a paycheck is needed he does his detecting. This time (it’s a series) Boone gets involved in defending a young man who supposedly killed a very popular local surfer. This gets Boone in some trouble with his surfing buds and in actual physical danger from the bad guys involved in the case itself.

I wasn’t all that impressed – in fact, I fell asleep for chunks of it and I doubt I’ll go back for more of the surfing books. The Power of the Dog books were so much better so Winslow, do something like those again!

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