The White Book ~ by Han Kang

At only 160 pages (or 1 hour 15minutes) this is a very brief 1st person narrative of fiction. The Korea based Kang wrote the Man Booker International winner of a few years ago, The Vegetarian. That was a fine, fine book imo although overall reactions were mixed.

In The White Book our first narrator is still grieving the loss of her older sister who had very white skin and who died before the narrator was born. Then the book goes on into many other aspects and examples of white. The book is really a kind of meditation on white – and grieving.

The White Book
by Han Kang
2019 / 160 pages
read by Jennifer Kim 1h 15m
rating: 8.5 / contemporary fiction (South Korea)

In eastern cultures white is the color of mourning. This is a meditation on the color itself and things that are white as well as telling a story of a woman who is the daughter of a woman who lost two prior children.

It’s beautiful.

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5 Responses to The White Book ~ by Han Kang

  1. Carmen says:

    Dorothy @ The Nature of Things, a blog I follow, also reviewed it recently and was struck by its stark beauty. Glad you too found it so.

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  2. plantbirdwoman says:

    Very nice review of this amazing book. I am happy to have found your blog, thanks to our mutual friend, Carmen.


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