The Threat ~ By Andrew G. McCabe

Wow! I’m not reading so many “Trump” books these days and I try to be selective about the ones I do read. I don’t want a bunch of sensationalism – I want to learn something in some way –

McCabe was a life-long agent in various capacities and finally acting FBI director from the time James Comey was fired until 364 days later on 1/31/2018, hours before he was set to retire. Although he states he had been a life-long Republican, he did not get on well with Trump.

The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump 
by Andrew McCabe
2019 / 288 pages

read by McCabe – 9h 25m
rating 9 / memoir (?)

The book is NOT about Trump alone – read the subtitle. There is far more material about how the FBI operates, or is supposed to operate, than about Mr Trump’s issues. McCabe provides examples from his career like the Boston Marathon bomber. The narrative leads up to the problems with Trump.

The reader has to understand that it’s probably illegal for McCabe to disclose too much about FBI operations and abilities but the ideas of teamwork and accountability are solid.

Okay, McCabe (and Comey and Clapper) sound a bit like boy scouts in a big bad world but they’re adult scouts and they seem to have some different values. Let me say it this way, they believe in living up to the mottos rather than some of the sordid history of the US.

The book is nicely written and McCabe has a great reading voice.

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3 Responses to The Threat ~ By Andrew G. McCabe

  1. Keith says:

    Becky, I also found Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Bob Woodward’s book “Fear” very believable and concerning. A President who attacks his own intelligence apparatus as a means to mask his deceit and unpreparedness is belittling some very hard working people who bring honor to their oath. What this man did in Helsinki to side with (and fawn over) Putin over his own intelligence people was about as low as it can go.

    People need to heed the voices of McCabe, Woodward, and McCain (his book “A Restless Wave” is also excellent). They also need to heed the beacons of conservative pundits – David Brooks, Michael Gerson, Steve Schmidt, Eric Erickson, George Will, etc. – who have shared many concerns about this man in the White House. These are not liberal Democrats who are calling him on the carpet.

    Many thanks for the endorsement. Keith


  2. You’re very welcome Keith. I hope a few more members of Congress as well as the WH staff, Cabine and agencies come to their senses about the way things are conducted. One thing Trump has done is make me yearn for the days of GW Bush – and that’s saying quite a lot. I loved Obama but McCabe doesn’t heroize him – neither did Comey or Clapper or Woodward.


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