Live Bait ~ by P.J. Tracy

Well after reading Monkeewrench by this author, a mother-daughter team, I was interested in reading the second in the series. Mixed results. The second book was only worth the time and money after about 1/2 way through. I have no idea why I finished but I’m glad I did.

I think what I enjoyed most about Monkeewrench was the way the crime-specific characters were featured. In Live Bait the action turns almost entirely to the two detectives, Leo Magosi and Gino Rolseth, who are called to the scene of the murder of an elderly man whom everyone loved.

Live Bait
by P.J. Tracy
2004 / 400 pages
read by Buck Schirner- 9h 58m
rating: B+ / crime series

(2nd in Monkeewrench series

It took some time to get used to these two detectives and the story seemed overloaded with the character development of the cops (which is kind of understandable if this is the way the main series is introduced). I wanted Grace and company back along with their technology and she does make her appearance but it’s limited and more as a romantic interest for Magosi. As I said, it took awhile.

The plot involves the killing of some elderly Jewish residents of Minneapolis. The victims were friends and the son of the first one knows more than he lets on – in his drunken state. There is also a seriously grieving widowed son-in-law of the Jewish couple who stumbles around.

It gets good.

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