The Rule of Law ~ by John Lescroart

Another legal crime novel – I think I need the break of these. Lescroart’s latest Dismas Hardy novel got mixed reviews on the Audible site because of the new narrator, but it had been a couple years since I’d listened to one of one of his novels, so I thought I was open even though I loved David Colacci. I managed okay but, well, no one will ever do Diamas Hardy like Colacci.

Rule of Law
by John Lescroart
2019 / 357 pages
read by Jacques Roy – 9h 32 m
rating: B+ / legal crime-thriller,

Dismas Hardy has joined with a couple other attorneys in a new firm, but has brought his older, long-term secretary along. She has been acting a bit strange lately and then one day she’s arrested, at her desk in the front foyer with the charges being accessory after the fact in a murder case.

That plot thread is pretty good but when it morphs into an old case involving the new District Attorney the whole thing gets a bit too far ranging and convoluted and I lost a lot of my interest. Oh well – that’s the way of lots of crime novels these days .

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