The 7th Canon ~ by Robert Dugoni

This is a legal thriller read for the 4-Mystery Addicts reading group – I may have nominated it there because I love legal thrillers and courtroom dramas. Dugoni is no Grisham or Turow but he’s not bad – the emphasis is definitely on the thriller part though. 

The 7th Canon
by Robert Dugoni
2016 /334 pages
read by James Patrick Cronin – 10h 33m
rating: B / legal thriller

It started slow but picked up by 1/3 and once I got the characters really squared away mentally, it was fine to good. 

In a shelter for homeless boys, often involved in crime, a boy is murdered. As it turns out the priest who runs the shelter is arrested for the murder and Peter Donley is selected to defend him, Donley has his own demons as does the private eye he hires because the DA is proving ruthless in convicting Father Tom. 

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