Nursing Homes Are Murder ~ by Mike Befeler

It’s time for dumb.  I’ve followed this series since book #1 which, being a mystery series, caught my attention and then it tickled my silly-bone.  But be warned,  it’s a stupid kind of humor and while the first one is bad,  the following books are worse – lol.   This is number 6 in the – ta-da –  Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit series.    I’m not sure what this says about me, but I do NOT recommend the series unless you enjoy rather ridiculous situations and silly old-man puns. They’re definitely in the “cozy” mystery genre.  

But actually,  in some ways I find cozy mysteries kind of refreshing after reading gritty suspense thrillers or challenging nonfiction.  

Nursing Homes Are Murder
by Mike Befeler 
2014 – 261 pages
read by Jerry Sciarrio – 6h 56m
rating:  7 –  / cozy crime 

6th in the Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit series
(the final one)

Paul Jacobson, a lively 80-something “geezer,” suffers from extreme short-term memory loss,  has been asked by his friends in the Honolulu police force to go undercover in a nursing home due to suspicious reports about abuse there.  This home accepts folks with dementia so there are plenty of high-jinks. But on Paul’s first night there the woman who has been complaining about sexual abuse is murdered.  The next night someone tries to smother Paul with a pillow. 

His roommate is nearly blind but is able to help with sounds as Paul makes his rounds doing very informal inquiries about and with possible suspects.  There is also a cop assigned to the hospital (in custodial work) to assist him if he runs into trouble. 

It’s a fun book and it’s the last of the series.  Befeler has written several other books though including a couple of series.   We’ll see.  

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1 Response to Nursing Homes Are Murder ~ by Mike Befeler

  1. Aymee says:

    This immediately made me think of what Stephanie Plum will be doing when she’s 80.

    I do agree with you though – I love cozy mysteries, especially after I’ve been reading heavy stuff for too long.

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