The Templars ~ by Dan Jones x2

I rarely reread a nonfiction book,  but this is different.  It’s very good and very complex and I felt like I’d missed quite a lot.   I watched a few videos about the Templars (they’re on YouTube) and got more background about the whole picture.  A few of the videos use the same sources/experts as Jones’ book.  templars


The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God’s Holy Warriors

by Dan Jones
2018/ 444 pages (Kindle)
read by Dan Jones (author) 15h 30m
rating:  8 / history 

Anyway,  what started out to be a refresher for a group discussion  turned into  a rereading of bits and pieces and that turned into a second complete reading of the whole thing.  🙂

Jones says the book is organized chronologically,  but that’s somewhat inaccurate because it’s divided into major topics which overlap in places and go back into each other’s material – it works although there is a lot of fighting – the “Soldiers” part seems to spread over into the  “Bankers” part.  .

Anyway,  I’m glad I took the time to really reread it because it is loaded with information which really might not be digestible in one read.   Enjoy –  if this is your thing.

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  1. Carmen says:

    Good for you braving a nonfiction book twice. I like the new look of the site. 😉

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