Down the River, Unto the Sea ~ by Walter Mosley

Well – that’s likely the last Walter Mosley book I read.  A long time ago I read his novel Little Scarlett  and seem to remember rather enjoying it.  Not true of  this one,  although I did finish it.  It was too gritty and imo,  rather a lot of “fem-jep”  (women as victims of crimes)  and disrespect for my tastes although,    does have a daughter he’s is very protective of.   And I’ve got another one in my library I’d overlooked!  …  Okay now duly downloaded now, but .., sigh.  To be honest,  these books feature three different detectives as well as narrators so my overall judgement may not be fair.  But I usually enjoy the narrator of this one,  so that’s not it.

Down the River, Unto the Sea
by Walter Mosley –
2018 / 337 pages
read by Dion Graham – 7h 44m
rating:  C- / crime-thriller 

Sometimes reading a book you seriously don’t like is good for appreciating the ones you do.  Mercifully I’ve started reading The Emigrants by W.G. Sebold and it’s wonderful!   And I have a few other promising books coming up soon.

Our 1st person protagonist,  John Oliver,  is a private detective working out of  New York City office.  About a decade earlier he had worked for the NYPD but had been fingered by a women and landed in prison for it.  Now the woman has come forward to make amends telling him she had been paid to frame him.  The case is on.

Interwoven with this case is the situation of a black journalist who is accused of killing two very corrupt police officers.   It’s a crime thriller,  not a who-done-it.  I should have known better.

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6 Responses to Down the River, Unto the Sea ~ by Walter Mosley

  1. Carmen says:

    Hmm…It doesn’t sound good.

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  2. Lisa Hill says:

    I’ve Googled, but I’m still flummoxed. What’s fem-jeap?

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  3. Maybe it’s sometimes spelled “femjep” – Google it now. It’s kinda-sorta common in crime-lit circles.


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