Broken Ice ~ by Matt Goldman

Ahhh….  I had to do it –   I finished the first book in the series,  Gone to Dust,  and just went right on into the second.  It was that good  –  for me – at the moment.   This is a series of 2 so far …  we’ll hope because I will follow if there are more.

Broken Ice
by Matt Goldman
2018 /  336 pages
read by MacLeod Andrews 8h 22m
rating:  A-  / 336 pages

Nils Shapiro (Shap) is now actually working with Elegar   out of their joint office located in Minneapolis.

Although she’s from Warroad in far northern Minnesota, Linnea Engstrom has been reported missing because she never came home from a hockey game in St. Paul.
Then a classmate,  Haley Hausch, is reported missing and then dead.   It seems both girls were involved with guys on the hockey team.

To complicate matters, someone takes a shot at Shap –  with a bow and arrow.  And he gets a great “Nurse” thanks to his ex-wife.   Shap has romantic interests –  but he loves his rich ex.

This is no YA novel – unless we’re talking 16+ – because the parents are screwed up and the girls are a lot more involved in a lot more than kissing under the bleachers.  It gets fairly gritty.

It wasn’t quite as good as Gone to Dust , I think Broken Ice felt forced in some way – so I was a bit disappointed.    I’ll still look for further books in the series.

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2 Responses to Broken Ice ~ by Matt Goldman

  1. Carmen says:

    Maybe not as good as Gone to Dust, but good enough, according to your rating. 🙂 I look forward to your reviews of the next entries in the series, when they come. BTW, on the topic of boys in a hockey team, have you read Beartown and Us Against You by Fredrik Backman? One of the boys does something terrible and the townsfolks have to deal with the aftermath. I haven’t read them, but the premise reminded me somewhat of the mystery you just reviewed.

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